Additional Mobile Detailing Services

Newcastle Decal Removal

We offer Maitland, Port Stephens and Newcastle decal removal as a mobile stand-alone service depending on the size of the job. See the below Decal Removal tab for an example of our work and feel free to contact us with any questions about the process.

Add-On Services

We are always happy to customise a service to suit your needs by offering a range of add-ons to our main packages and services (see Mobile Car Detailing Services). Our add-on services include headlight restoration, interior shampooing (hot water extraction or steam clean), engine degreasing, as well as leather protection/ conditioning. Please note that these are only available in combination with our other services, unless within the Maitland or Raymond Terrace areas.

Please click on the below tabs for more information, photos of our work and pricing of all of our additional services:

Restore cloudy headlights by sanding and machine polishing as needed and apply protective ceramic coating.

headlight restoration

Vacuum interior where needed, followed by steam clean and shampoo of seats and carpet.

Degrease engine bay. Please note that this is only available as an add on to another service.

Apply leather protection, Optimum Protectant, to leather surfaces. Please note that this is only available as an add on to another service.

Removal of sign writing and decal from vehicle’s exterior. Please contact us for a quote with as much information about the decal, including size, as possible.