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Paint Correction Maitland

What Is It?

You may or may not have heard the term “Paint Correction”. It’s a term used in the detailing industry that refers to correcting or removing defects from the paintwork of a vehicle. These defects include those well-known and dreaded scratches, as well as swirls, oxidation, and stains.

The Process:

Paint correction may also be called buffing or machine polishing. For example, a detailing website may advertise a 2-Step Paint Correction Package. What that actually means is your car will be machine polished twice with two different compounds and two different pads. Generally, the first machine polish (i.e. the first step) is with a more aggressive cutting compound and a cutting pad. Then the second machine polish (i.e. the second step) is with a finer compound and a softer pad. The reason for this is that some type of marring will be left over from the first step due to its more aggressive nature. This is particularly evident on darker paints.

It is important to note that before any correction steps take place, a full wash down and decontamination process must be carried out to remove bonded contaminants from the paintwork. These contaminants include things like tar, tree sap, industrial fallout and bug splatter.

And before it’s time to pack up, a protective layer is applied over the paintwork to help maintain the condition and protect the paint.

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Our Paint Correction Services:


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Bronze Correction

Machine polish with an all-in-one polish

Removes light marring and light oxidisation

Silver Correction

Single-step machine polish with a fine to medium compound

Application of protective carnauba wax

Removes medium defects in paint such as heavy wash marring, medium oxidisation and light etching and scratches

Gold Correction

Two-step machine polish with a cutting compound and a fine polish

Application of a synthetic sealant

Removes heavy etching, swirling, oxidisation and scratches