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Example of our Work:

Paint Protection Newcastle: Blue Ford Falcon XR6. These pictures were taken following application of Optimum Gloss Coat to the exterior of this vehicle.

Why do I need Paint Protection?

Paint Protection is a word that is often over-used in the automotive industry. As the name implies, the goal of paint protection is to protect your vehicles paintwork. Over the life of a vehicle, the paintwork is bombarded with contaminants from the environment, such as tar, industrial fallout, bird poo, bug guts, acid rain etc. These contaminants damage the paintwork and tarnish its appearance over time.

But are all paint protections equal? This is a more complex topic but paint protection products can generally be broken into 3 categories: Waxes, Polymer Sealants and Ceramic Coatings. The goal of each of these is to protect your paint from the contaminants in the environment that a vehicle will face in day to day driving.

Waxes aka carnauba wax

This is a wax produced by a Brazilian palm tree to protect its leaves from the sweltering sun and allow water to fall from the leaf to the trees roots on the ground. It has been used on cars for a long time and is still used today. The wax is mixed with other substances to increase its spreadability on automotive paintwork. Carnauba wax also adds a lot of gloss and depth, which is particularly noticeable on dark colours. Whilst carnauba wax does protect paintwork from the elements, its durability is generally measured in weeks, making it a very short term protectant.

The main reason to use a carnauba wax these days is the resulting aesthetic appeal. Show cars often benefit the most from its use. Fine Line Detailing are able to apply carnauba wax at customers request.

Polymer Sealants

Polymer sealants are fully synthetic in their construction. They offer a more glass-like look instead of the warm carnauba glow of a wax. They are generally easier to apply and offer greater durability (3-6 months on average). Some manufacturers mix carnauba wax and a polymer sealant together to try and achieve the best of both worlds. The main advantage of polymer sealants over waxes is their durability. A wax may only last 4 weeks, where a sealant might last 4-6 months on the same car.

Fine Line Detailing uses polymer sealants more than carnauba waxes as we place a higher priority on longer-lasting protection of our customer’s paintwork than on a warm glow of wax. Application of a polymer sealant is included in our Silver and Gold Paint Corrections.

Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Coatings are relatively new in the automotive industry compared to carnauba waxes and polymer sealants. They offer far superior protection compared to waxes and sealants, making car maintenance a lot easier. The primary benefits of these coatings are a high durability, often measured in years as opposed to months, and a much higher resistance to harsh chemicals.


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